Argo wins at the Golden Globe

Directed and co-produced by the winning director Ben Affleck, ARGO won the Best Motion Picture at the Golden Globe. And this is worth the watch.

This film is a drama of the Canadian Caper incident when 6 fugitive U.S. diplomats based in Tehran, Iran were held hostages in the 1980’s during a political upheaval, escaped the said country in a very thrilling depiction. It’s the cooperation by the CIA and the Canadian embassy that brought the story to life.

The film would start in a crisis of coming up with a strategy to bring back the diplomats. It all ended up with a plan to fake a certain film production just so to conceal identities. In the end, it was successful.


The film pictures a realistic scenario of the Canadian Caper. Thrilling to say the least, it was. But I must say, Affleck did a great job. He deserves the director award.

It felt almost like being in that particular crisis. The threat and the great feeling of finally evading Iran was just overwhelming enough.

The cinematography, I must say, is good giving a subtle quality of an 80’s film yet still giving a pleasing one for the present viewers. It was crude yet effective to the taste of the present audience.

Though the actors didn’t do much in terms of getting even a nomination at the Globe’s, the fact that it was set in a realistic situation, it’s understood that commercial movie actors will do more in the limelight.

This film is one of those that depicts what has happened. Though this may have less in marketability as people don’t normally turn-back on historical events, it actually shows quality in the sense of the directive skills, depiction, musical scoring, and cinematography.

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