Top 10 Resolution for 2013

New Year’s resolutions come as a ceremonious requisite right before the new year comes. Often times, people make a promise to themselves with loud utterance to seal the deal, and take on the list come January 1st. But as they say, it’s just ceremonious. Resolutions are not realized because of changes, attitude differentiation, alternatives, impulsive decisions, and drastic unfolding of events.

Though this may be true, others stick to their list. Others may have fulfilled everything in it. But most don’t. They just end up not going back to what they have done in the previous year, without any resolution for the next.

But, resolutions are there not to be immediately or exactly done. Life just goes everywhere else, thus, people end up doing so many things, resorting to many options different from what has been planned. Resolutions are made to be guiding and leveraging principles. It’s like a soft rule for us to be led to a certain goal.

Nevertheless, we can still make our own. Just to be guided as to the specifics of the resolution list, I have listed my top 10 suggested rules. These may not apply to most, but it is my personal share of guide for a better year ahead.


1. Procrastinate no more & Focus

We often get so distracted by so many things. Whenever we are about to fulfill something, we just prefer to do other “pleasurable” activities. This is human nature rather, a sort of coping means, a diversion, just to fulfill tasks. But, admittedly, we just fall not doing anything.

Though this may be common, procrastination is still one’s biggest enemy. By surrounding ourselves with leisure activities in the middle of work, be it at home, school, or in the office, we tend to drag along what we are doing. One must dedicate time and day for just one essential thing. If it is the submission of a report, a major interior restructuring, or a term paper due, one should never lose sight. The idea of delaying pleasures is much more fulfilling. So, focus, never look on the sides, aim to finish and not linger, and take or do what is necessary.

2. Plan and be flexible

As hinted earlier, this resolution list is meant to be changed or unfulfilled. But, of course, it is better to do what is in the list. What should be put in mind is that the future is uncertain. There will always be change. So, we must go with the current and never resist. One can simply tweak a little in the list without deviating from the goal. It is actually great to plan things ahead. But it is way better to condition oneself that nothing is definite in the world. And with this, it would be easier to deal with any circumstance without feeling frustrated. We end up stopping once we get frustrated.

3. Get enough motivation

It may be hard to get that push whenever difficult situations come our way. But there must actually be a source of motivation. It can be rewards, people, friends, status, promotion, studies, or the act of fulfilling something itself. This may be introspective, but we are naturally and emotionally hinged on what is seen outside just so to get the vigor. This may take some time for most. Others find it outright. There are those who lose it quickly. But there is always that point of putting ourselves on lofty heights, with the confidence and reliance on oneself.

4. Re-channel energies

I heard this from a line in a movie. I just picked it up, and I thought it’s a good way to weed out what is negative in a certain scenario. Most often than not, we get ill emotions from an upsetting moment. We get tired after a long day of not getting things done. Whenever we have problems, we tend to slouch and stay in fetal sitting position. We tend to confine ourselves thereby losing the opportunity to do other things.

Re-channeling is a means to sublimate. As opposed to getting all gloomy and feeling hopeless, we can cook, write, blog, teach part time, redecorate, participate in socio-civic groups, take photos, and the list goes on. Yes, it’s good to feel the emotions in order to move on. But to live there for a long time and not doing anything is just more depressing. By recuperating and transferring to a more active lifestyle, we can redirect ourselves better.

5. Get people to participate

Have friends and family members involve in the process of achieving a goal. Two or more heads are better than one. We are not some Supermen who can do everything right. By talking to people and getting pieces of advice from them, we get to ease the burden and anxiety. And to these people, it is a pleasure to help us out in any way.

Also, another benefit from this is that we get to establish relationships more with people. And they are significant in our goals. They are not simply the means that we may not need later on, but rather, they are the constant instruments that we will have whatever the situation may be. We will always need them along the way.

6. Get involved

Be part of a group. Group of friends can be counted. But a group with a certain purpose and unyielding, consistent interest is better. This can be communal, educational, artistic, or theatrical groups that will keep us moving. This can be linked to getting motivations.

Getting ourselves in a group is significantly rewarding. Aside from our goals, there is another goal that involves people. And this makes it more fulfilling in the long run. Seeing where our efforts are going, say for the benefit of an unschooled kid or perhaps for the enhancement of a chorale to accommodate church services, we can feel that sense of purpose holistically. We can then sense we are living a purpose-driven life.

7. Bring back lost passions

After a series of unlikely events, while being trapped in the routine of life, it is often inevitable to lose some passions. It may come as a wonder that some things that we used to love doing have become less special. It may actually be normal to get so used to the daily routine of labor, and losing the gusto to do the simplest things is part of it. But by means of slightly regressing and getting back these so called desires may actually smooth things up for us. Watching a most faved musical or becoming a fan of a band once again are but some joys that will keep up us moving as we tread the challenge of the corporate life and the world reality.

8. Read & Tackle

A good book or any read will always benefit anybody in one way or another. Sharing and discussing what is in this book with others, makes it more meaningful, even profound in understanding the world around. By giving ourselves a reading treat alongside a good chit-chat with a pal about the contents, be it an issue or life philosophy, we could get put ourselves in a position where we can think, reflect, and share. This helps us understand ourselves, the world, and others. It makes it enriching along the way.

9. Travel and go around

When there is no other way than to solve a problem, people leave. People escape. Actually, this is not a bad thing. It should rather be re-termed as “break” because there is still that point of going back. We need to see different places for refreshment. The idea is simply not a vacation. It’s just to see new things, meet new people, and realize different realities. By making sense of the comparison and variation, we either romanticize and appreciate, or we do better in our individual selves and lives. A good bus trip in the North is just worth a day or two off work.

10. Reorganize and reorder at times

Restructuring things around can bring about something new despite the aged items. Life would naturally wither when things get older. But by mixing and moving things around, we can get different perspectives. Move the sofa in the middle. Re-position the dining set somewhere. Transfer the TV and put it in the corner to allow more conversation in the room. Put more space in the middle of the house.

This doesn’t apply at home. It could be a change in our routes when going to work or school. It could also be reordering the things that are usually done in chronology. Anything works. By sensing that “new” from time to time, we get to freshen up ourselves in facing the world out there.

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