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At school, principles are often taught just so to create that foundation of knowledge. The fundamentals fairly equip the learners right before facing the actual scenarios. Be it in humanities or business, liberal arts or sciences, learning the abstract, theory as we call it, is the start of understanding.

Many have supported the notion that learning by the book is the most essential in the area of education, and this is plainly backed by the orthodox educators. Yet, there are those who deviate from the very standards and opted for whatever works today. Multiple intelligences have been discovered, and learners are often cornered at a particular point of learning, not just the linguistic and mathematical abilities. The multi-facets of learning have been purported as the modern learning and educating. This makes it easier to teach and learn, and the duality of understanding is widened.

There are many strategies in teaching and learning today alongside the many discoveries giving focus on the personal ability of the individual more than the collective standard. But it all boils down to the most basic question. Is theory more significant than the actual application? Or is it better to be experimental and tactual in order to get a good grasp of what had transpired, later on going back to the theory?


Importance of theory

Like in any form of study, learning the abstractions and intermingling of words create the rudiments that will make sense later on in practice. Every mind is primarily considered a blank slate, and by studying the essentials, one gets enlightened. Actions, decisions, and remedies are then made sound and reasonable.

Taking medicine as an example, a doctor would still have the imperative move of consulting books before providing the best medical solution to any difficult case. It makes it appropriate to do as life is at stake. Consider a special education teacher, with the layering cases of special children, there is that necessity to go back to the references in order to apply the necessary intervention.

Here, it is clear that theory holds the sole key when all else fails. It plays the fathering role of getting things straight and right. When people argue, opinions are not the hard bases. Proven cases and inductions are made the instrument to break-even, to make clear of the situation.

Significance of practice

On the other hand, application actualizes the theory. More so, the concrete scenario makes everything sensible. It is but debated that practice is the start of learning. Theory simply backs it up. Moreover, practice is the learning ground, even theory is learned while working on something. Thus, it is disproved that the mere lectures and readings don’t equate to importance in gaining knowledge. The application proves the theory. Even the actual work is made the source of theory.

In any science, it is given that hypothesizing is the first step in theorizing. After some assumptions, then the experiment, in any form, be it the laboratory activity or just the survey, comes after. Thereafter some analyses, conclusions are made. From here, with the consistencies and constant results, a theory is born. So from this, one can say that practice is definitely the beginning of learning.

Skilled workers are not left with books. They are exposed and trained. Photographers can’t capture photos just by mere reading of photographic rules. And teachers mix up their methods just so to accommodate the class, the actual playing ground of learning.

The symbiosis of both…

The height of learning is not in the process itself. It is in the product made. Once one graduates from the program or class, it is what is instilled that is seen in actual situations that really makes sense. Both theory and practice are equally important. It is not a matter of which came first in the process. It is which that makes an immediate resolve in a given circumstance. Whether it is theory or application that works, it doesn’t matter. It is how the situation is remedied, solved, or resolved.

Theory and practice always work together. The lack of one stunts learning. Theory is the immediate reference. Practice, on the other hand, is the battle ground. At times, it is a hurdle to fully take grasp on lectures. But there are also times that one is blinded in consequence, thereby needing a more fundamental approach. Whether it be accepted or not, both the text and the action are merged even in the slightest sense. There is always that brotherly relationship between the two.

So, in the event that even on deciding whether the chicken came first before the egg or vice verse, it is better to toss up some sunny side-up to talk it over. In the end, either of which is significant.


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