Miss Universe 2012: the strut and the not

Miss Universe 2012 – Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, December 19, 2012 (December 20, 2012, Philippines).

MISS U.S.A. is Miss Universe 2012. Miss Philippines is 1st runner up. Venezuela is 2nd runner up. Third runner up is Miss Australia. Brazil takes the 5th place.

The annual, international showcase of women’s beauty, poise, glamour, and confidence has yet again set the stage for 89 women all over the world for the most coveted crown.

Leila Lopes of Angola, and the reigning Miss Universe 2011 has expressed her glee over the the experience. She even shared a memorable encounter with a girl with the dream to become a beauty queen some day.

Everything started with the parade of national costumes

The pageantry is held not for pride alone but for a good, humanitarian cause. This also sets forth the dreams of every woman or even a girl to be ambassadors of goodwill.

Who struts?

Venezuela was never a surprise.Venezuela is rather inevitable. Brazil was a beauty indeed. South Africa was a whole package. Philippines had a simple beauty, yet exuberant. Mexico also made a statement on stage. India was softer than the typical beauty of an Indian woman.

Who’s not?

France was a little outdated in terms of the do. Hungary was a little slender for the pageant. Kosovo and Croatia were a bit passéin making such presence on stage, but both had the stance. Peru had a bit of weight carried. She can be a little stiff.


TOP 5: 

Venezuela, Philippines, Australia, U.S.A and Brazil

TOP 10:

Australia, Russia, Brazil, France, Venezuela, USA, Hungary, South Africa, Mexico, Philippines

TOP 16:

Venezuela, Turkey France, Peru, Russia, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, South Africa, Philippines, Croatia, Brazil, Kosovo, Australia, India, USA

Photo Credit: [Featured photo: http://news.providencejournal.com]


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