Are we dying on December 21?




The tribulation, the end times, the apocalypse, and the end of the world – the dogmatic experts have termed that day when everything will crumble, and life will ever cease to exist when that comes. It may take a whole preaching, lecture, and discussion to lay everything that people may clearly see the scenario, but the matter is that it creates the movement, mentally, culturally, and socially across nations and peoples.

As far as I can remember, this “end times” aroused people to their senses since the millennium bug in 2000. It would have been the said crumbling of the world. But everyone carried on. Nothing happened.

Succeeding events were predicted to be that actual day, but again, there was nothing to pinpoint as being the trace or hint of the times ending.

In sectarian lingo, the global events, be it war or disaster, have served to be the signs of the final and judgement day.  Regardless if this is true, scientifically or dogmatically, what makes it interesting is how it creates a different wave in behavior among people. It has primarily trembled simplistically the culture and state of minds of most. Be this a trend or talk of the town, such prophesied event pushed people in their psyches and senses, that urgency to be in collective with the rest.

Some have resorted to readying themselves by so many means. Those who have been so determined and certain about the end times have spiritually equipped themselves. To those who have seen and have been born in pop culture have deemed it a collective reality. All these are reflective of how this anticipated event shook the minds of people, thereby trickling down to the behavior and reaction. And by responding to this supposed phenomenon with a collective understanding, the event is made real in the crudest definition.

To W.I. Thomas, “if men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences.” This cultural and social movement is more so a product of a societal and communal convergence and agreement of what is about to happen, regardless if this is proven or not. Since they say this is really happening, then we might as well get along with them. And since a lot have set the world to its “tribulation” state, may it be now, tomorrow, or the next, many have decided this is true.

The question then is “will we definitely die tomorrow, the 21st of December?” Again, it’s up to us to define. We work closely with people, communities, media, and even authorities in different areas, and this aids in our choice of state.

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