Ms. Universe in politics

Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon performs onstage at the 2012 Miss Universe National Costume Show at PH Live in Las Vegas, Nevada December 14, 2012

Ms. Universe 2012 will be aired on December 19, 2012 at 8:00 PM, Eastern Time (December 20, 2012 – Philippines) at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. And this is the 61st in the entire sanctimonious history of pageantry and poise.

Usually, the pageant starts off with the preliminaries and initial showcase of talents, gowns, swimsuits, and even the manner of presenting oneself that being the basis for the selection of the top, which will then be announced on the day of the actual event.

What most would look forward to in the pageantry is the showcase of the national costumes. Not only does this show flamboyance and creation, but it also suggests of national pride on the part of the audience.

Janine Tugonon, after years of presenting the typical Maria Claras and the ternos with the colonial parasols held, wore and strutted the runway with a Maranao costume, which is likely to be worn in a singkil dance. This may be bring about curiosity and amusement to some, but to the thinker, it suggests of something else.

Recently, the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro has been signed at the Malacanang as the initial step toward peace and development. This is indeed a step closer to a better Philippines in the future.

Coincidentally, the national costume for the said pageant was suddenly changed, while to Tugonon, it was a matter of propriety in association to her beauty. She explained that it was the best costume to be worn.

This may be subjective and opinion-driven, and though there may be no concrete evidence on this, it can be a source of discussion as regards the role of pageantry in the bigger picture with the country and the people involved.

This can be a political statement in affirmation to the peace agreement signed. Well, pageants don’t just serve the purpose of a show. Though it can be pace to say that there is indeed politics in these social and international events, one should not lose sight of the commonality.

The national costume evokes national pride, but implicitly, there can be more that would suggest polity and a show of political alliance.

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