RH Bill and the promise




The Reproductive Health bill has been approved on the third and final reading by the House of Representatives and the Senate. After the president pointed out that the bill is an urgent measure in the country, the progress to the legislation was heightened with protests and deliberations along the way.

The bill may be the means to a better tomorrow, there is still the question on where everything will be heading. What is exactly the promise of the RH bill?

Those who oppose, in the general landscape of the matter, claim that this action is that which will disrupt the Filipino society, destroying the social fabric that has bound people, families, and institutions together. The bill is a threat for so many reasons. It was presumed that morality and order will be lost.

Those who take strong stand on the bill explain the most reasonable, consistent, and practical manner. The action is fundamentally to re-establish society to allow families to live a better life, free of hunger and poverty. This is to allow women to have the choice and the means to live their lives better. This is also to educate society to be able to make the right choice.

I may support the bill, but at the back of my mind is the question of the future. Will this mean a more developed Philippines in the future? Well, this is primarily the goal. The development argument is strongest that makes the action pragmatic.

Will this really mean more educated people in relation to sexual relations? Will this suggest an empowered society toward the globalized culture, which actually contrasts that of the Filipino society’s unchangeable image?

Lastly, will this mean a better condition for women? Is this more of a fowarding cause, or more so a detriment in the long run?

These queries must be put in the minds of so many. For me, the bill is a step toward succeeding development actions. The K12 system has already been imposed, and this allows more opportunity for Filipinos to be at par with the rest in the world. The bill may have some grey areas with some nuances to be put into consideration, and though the future may be uncertain, this action is simply a furthering disposition for the rest. This just means that the country is getting there, without lags of institutional pressure, for a more adapting society and nation.

The future may seem hazy in sight, but just this action proves that the Philippines is heading somewhere. This is one great promise for the rest that in the future, Philippines will not be blinded by any form of pressure that will basically pull everything down to the comforts and confines of hardship.

Photo Credit: [valkyriechildbirth.com – featured photo], http://www.pinoyworld.eu]


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