Pacquiao-Marquez at its 4th: a loss for Manny

|MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, December 8, 2012|

After 3 wins, Manny Pacquiao loses the 4th match up against Juan Marquez in the 6th round. It was a total knock-down, face down for him in the same round.

Manny claims that he got overconfident of himself and his ability in the match. He was caught by surprise by the punches thrown by Marquez.

The match was a shock to the Filipino viewers. But to those in the Marquez side, it’s high time to win and to get what the Mexican boxer deserves after the controversial losing the last time.



The Filipino will always throw his or her support behind any “hero.” Hero here is defined as someone who brings national pride, honor, and recognition especially whenever there is an international affair, be it a competition or representation. It has always been a national fix for everyone, and this notion always brings people together.

Manny Pacquiao has become this figure of hope and opportunity for most. The reason he has held this image with him was not solely on that national pride attached to him alone.

He is the hope. He has been given that image of a promising tomorrow to most even in the figurative and indirect way. Being in a third-world, thriving country, Filipinos remain optimistic in reliance on a personality, icon, or legend. Filipinos, with that fatalism in their psyche, identify themselves with a succeeding persona, generalizing the same case being applicable to most. Subconsciously, perhaps, this is a form of displacement, a means to veer away from a strenuous situation.

He is the opportunity. To most businessmen, it is a lucrative avenue. Not only is it a form of entertainment but a source of extra for the pocket. To the media outfits, it will always be right on the money. And this will always be the culture.


And so another match of Pacquiao has caused dismay to the Filipinos. Must this be a source of discouragement? Or should they replicate an image once again? That is for the viewers to answer.

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