Pride March Manila 2012

The Gay Pride March has once again succeeded in the parade for equality on December 8, 2012 at the Makati City Hall Quadrangle, with the spearheading of the Task Force Pride Philippines, Ms. Bemz Benedito, Ladlad, Thomson Reuters, and the rest of the sponsors and the different organizations.

The parade was routed around the less frequented area of Makati, within a mostly resident-filled vicinity.

The event was sprawled by the different stalls that comprised the bazaar with the different booths of organizations for the registration and membership.

According to Ladlad, the event was approved at the very last minute as there was hesitation on the part of the office of the mayor. Had it not been for internal relations and the pursuit and support of TV host and personality Boy Abunda, the parade had ended up set off.

This was then followed by momentary, short talks by Ladlad Chairman emeritus Denton Remoto and the current Chairman Bemz Benedito.

Everything was then spread in different activities and performances of bands and performers.


As the flag was raised in full pride



The different groups joined together to raise the 1,000-yard rainbow flag.




Some were all clad in bright costumes




Different banners of different organizations



Others deliberately impose religious stances against the movement



Ladlad Chairman emeritus Denton Remoto



With current Ladlad Chairman Bemz Benedito




In entertainment



And just that hope that things will definitely be okay… Just looking at this family, it is but seen that life is just simple, and there is nothing to fret about, even the opportunity to really live and to assert one’s rights.

The next step is the campaign for 2013. May this be the step to forwarding the Anti-Discrimination law.


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