Prelude to the March

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines STRUGGLE as that act to proceed with difficulty or with great effort. The gay agenda has been forwarded for a long time. Though there may seem to be progress in this movement, and as the Trevor Project fronts that “it will get better,” struggle still exists. It is but a continuous work every day. It is constantly a difficult undertaking to prove one thing that is generally resisted.

In the Philippines, though many have admitted homosexuality in the general scheme of society, with gays being treated less worse than those in the US, there isn’t utter understanding as to why there is a movement for equality. It may seem popularly cultured as broadcast on TV, the principle of such drive is lost. Where the LGBT community comes from in this movement is but a hazy and vague attestation to most.

However, it is not as difficult as imposing tax or implementing laws that compromise whose ever’s rights. It is human rights. The basis of the agenda is simply for equality, for the fight against discrimination, and for the acceptance of the LGBT community in societal integration for a better future ahead. Conservatives may question the motivation for this being that there is polity involved, but at times, it is better not to open a can of worms when there aren’t.

The queer is often disenfranchised on the basis of the natural law. Thus, whatever is outside the norm, the natural, or the procreative is never good in society. That alone is banked on for the majority to “survive.”

The queer is stripped off the chance to live a “life” on the basis of the “gruesome” culture, which is then associated to the HIV epidemic. This is then the strongest contention of the right wing.

And the queer is looked down upon because they are simply “gay,” a term which is colloquially connoting weakness, mockery, and the inability to become a human being.

Responding to these, it is but sound to explicate that the reason gays couldn’t achieve a humanistic image is because of the predisposed notions and perceptions of the straight society (excuse the demarcation at the moment just so to make a clear point). The gays have embraced such identification and labeling because society imposes they ought to be so. This is where the fight comes from.

Imagine a community embracing diversity and shunning narrowed perceptions of every individual. That ought to be the life worth living. Society creates itself and the people. So for people to see the good in things, to bludgeon discrimination, and to recreate social constructs of individuals, there should be change.

In this light, there are some principles that are agreeable to most for the foundation of this move.

First, there is the idea of homogeneous living. This means that despite the differences in orientation, and choice here is out of the question, essentially, people live the same life. There is no delineation between who’s better or not.  There is no reason for one to be different when in reality life for all is the same. Gays go shopping. They go to cinemas. They simply wash their clothes. They drive. They work. They earn. They help other people. In the same way, they have flaws and faults that wouldn’t be any different from those of the “straight.” But because of the stigma, they are subject to discrimination.

Second, the social evolution makes a imperative sense. There is constant change in the world, and people either adapt or resist to exist. This is then exemplified by same-sex marriage. Commitment here is further redefined as not merely founded on procreation between a man and a woman, the universal principle of the natural law, but rather established on constant company, love, appreciation, and limitless promise to have a better life with a partner, whether this means living with just the partner or probably adopting a kid.

Lastly, there is idea of social productivity. Has homosexuality become an impediment to work, school, and other social functions that benefit not just the self but many? No. The queer can always do and make good in society. They are as able as the straight to promote development and welfare. They are as capable as the rest to run a company or any business. And they are as protective as the most in strengthening social institutions.

The Trevor Project may actually be right. Things might get better. But this will be made possible if people in general see what is beyond the laughing-stock image of gays. This struggle is not on the basis of the multi-colored flags spread in streets alone. It is that fight to live as humans, able and free.


As spearheaded by the Task Force Pride Philippines with Ladlad, another pride march will hold the flags of equality on December 8, 2012 at the Makati City Hall Quadrangle.



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